posted on 25 Nov 2009 22:05 by fashion4life in Personal

Hii :))
I just had oen class today and I went out to eat lunch with my school friends
and they didnt let me go 55+ they r going to miss me.
I have cleaned my room and packed my things into my suitcase but I'm not finished
iih I'm so exciting ;D!!!!!!

and yeah, I will not be able to log in here during my visit in Thailand
but maybe a quick log in and a short entry
we will see na :))

but I'm going to have so much fun with my friends n' every1
I miss them alot : D

 anyway, I have to go and buy leggings to tomorrow because it's relaly vold up in the sky
in the airplane hehe

but ttyl naa :D

btw I want to bring all my clothes 55+ I'm a real fashionista xD I miss my clothes.