never again

posted on 25 Nov 2009 02:54 by fashion4life in Personal

hii !! :)
I havent been online today (tuesday) it's ebcause I have a long day in school on tuesdays
but now I'm here.
I have been studying and made the hair towels and I'm finish!

I'm listening 2 NEVER AGAIN with SS501 and I so love this song, but why do I listens to
sad songs, it makes me feel sad hehe

and I'm so tired and sleepy right now and it's only 20:56 over here maybe it's because I woke up
early to study. I was going to do the gepgraphics test but my company/group had to do something
so we r goin to do it next week but not me!! 55+ he said that I dont have 2 do it
because I can't (because I'm not in sweden) and it's okay.
but the science test went okay :))))

I'm going to rest now and tomorrow go to school, I just have one lesson so it will be a short day in
school but good for me because I need to clean my room, wash my clothes and pack my things
iiih it's just only 2 days leeeft :D:D:D:D:D:D (wednesday: TOMORROW!)
It's goin to be hard to sit down for almost 11 hours haha I always get back pain
but it's worth it!

anyway, good night na ka :))




thnx na ka :))

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Have a lucky day naka ^___^big smile

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