posted on 24 Nov 2009 05:01 by fashion4life in Personal

I'm taking a 15 minutes break from my studies :)
I'm produ because I can everything I have to know to my science test!! wohoo
but I'm sitll working on to know the facts in my geographics book
wish me luck na :D

anyway I'm reading news on allkpop and hahaha n' I just read about Nickhuns "lock ness monster"
55555+ xD no comments.

and I'm listening to never again with SS501, aah kim hyung joon r so handsome
*dead* hehehe xD I showed him to my friends and they didnt say so much
it's because they arent into guys from asia but hallo? they r freaking the hottest ;) :p

I just want it to be thursday, I want to sit in my chair in the airplane and watch the 3 movies
hahahah I always loves the movies they show because some of them hasnt been on the screen
here in sweden 55+
and I want to wake up and look down at the ground and see all the lights from cars and lamps
on the ground close to suvarnabhumi and then take my things and go out and meet
my lovely family!!!
I'm gonna run to them :')
this shows that I freakin miss them alot!!

okey now I need to go downstair, away form the computer and my music n' continue
Studying n' good morning to you all na ka :)