posted on 23 Nov 2009 05:48 by fashion4life in Personal

it's almost midnight here in sweden
and I'm listening to music and answers some mail
and looks at the picture on kim hyung joon 555+
damn that I will miss their concerts in BKK in january but I hope they will have something in seoul
in june because I will maybe travel to seoul with my sis n' our friend ;) teheh
we r going for hunting all the kpop male artist 5555+ thats whats my friend wants to do
555+ but seoul seems to be a cool city and I have to visit tokyo too next summer
I love to travel!!! ;))

anyway aaah, I cant believe it's only 4 (3 on monday) days left until I fly home
to thailand, iiih :)
gonna go to super junior press conferance on friday, their concert on saturday and maybe
go to that nokia party or what it was, to see the guys from B.O.Y hehe I have to see P'Leo, he's so
cute (a)

 anyway, need to read my science book b4 I sleep, boring.. I know

good night na! and good morning to you all :)